The Different Ways Of Investing For Retirement

Even if retirement is a long way off you have to start saving now. However, saving for retirement is not what it used to be during our parents’ time. The cost of living has gone up and the Social Security is unstable. No longer is saving enough. You have started thinking about investing for retirement!  Before Enron happened, the retirement plans offered by companies were supposed to be sound and solid. However, with what happened to Enron, people no longer have the same faith in the retirement plans offered by their companies. You no longer have to invest in your company’s retirement plans as there are many other options.

You can now invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, certificates of deposit, and even the money market. You just have to invest and then sit back and watch your money grow in time. When certain investments reach their maturity, all you have to do is reinvest the money and continue as usual.  You have the option of opening an IRA (Individual Retirement Account), which quite popular as money is not taxed until you withdraw the funds. You can also deduct your IRA contributions from your taxes. You can open an IRA at most banks. Then there is a Roth IRA, which is a new type of retirement savings plan. It started in 1998. All contributions to a Roth IRA are after-tax and your funds can grow tax-free. You can open a Roth IRA at any financial institution.

Most employers offer a 401k retirement savings plan which offers a few investment instruments chosen by the employer. Most employers offer good instruments and many will have good mutual funds that you can invest in. The contribution to a 401k is from your gross income and it is deducted directly from your paycheck so you do not see it. The contributions are tax-deductible and your funds grow tax-deferred. You can also open a 401k on your own. You need to speak to a financial planner or accountant to help you with this.

Then there is Keogh plan, which is another type of IRA. However, this is more suitable for self-employed people. Another option for self-employed small business owners is the Simplified Employee Pension Plan, also known as SEP. Most people find it easier to administer than a Keogh plan.  You can choose any retirement investment plan. The important thing is to choose one and not just depend on Social Security or company retirement plan to provide for you after retirement.  Don’t forget your health when you retire.  Invest in a good Medicare Supplemental plan to help with the gaps.  Compare plans here

Stress Relievers For Seniors

Much have said the relaxing nature of being retired. However, as any other phase in life, the ageing process can create a certain stress levels. These stress elements can have a negative impact on the mental health and the overall wellbeing on the elderly people. That is why, it is imperative to have a proper stress relievers that can minimize the negative impact on the stress.  In this article we will provide some tips and ideas about how to minimize stress for the elderly population.

The first stress reliever can be the prospect of finding a proper solution to the specific problem. On that note, it is important to identify the source and problem to come out with a tentative solution. It may be beneficial to talk about it with a friend, family member or trained counsellor to get a speedy resolution. The second notable idea is to adopt a pet. Spending time with a cat or a god can have a galvanizing effect on the wellbeing and can relax the seniors. Pets are fun and loving creatures that can help in the process of improving the mental health. Seniors in assisted living and senior retirement communities often include pet therapy program for the residents.

The third notable idea is to stay active. By having a regular exercise, seniors can relax and can lower the effect of the stress in general. Also other options can be having a regular indoor or outdoor activities such as shopping, biking, hiking and walking etc  Combined with that, the concept of having an active social life can be a catalyst for change of the mental state. Going out with friends and family can have a great impact in eliminating stress and possibly finding proper problem solutions!

A good stress relieving option is always maintain a positive thought. By looking on the bright side in every situations, seniors can increase their self-confidence which in turn can help them to find proper solution for the problem.  Another idea is to find an inspiring story that inspires and that can create pleasure, enjoyment, or spiritual healing. In the same time, by changing the daily routine seniors can distract themselves from the imperative challenges that they are facing. By taking time off and not thinking of the problem, there can be a potential for a better solution on the problem.

All in all, stress can have a broad negative consequences on the mental health of the seniors. However, by having a proper stress relive strategy, the elderly people can maintain their overall wellbeing on the long term.  For more information go to

Reasons Why Seniors Need Medical Advantage Plans?

Individuals above 65 years of age are eligible to apply for Medicare parts A and B. These plans take care of the medical costs that come with health situations associated with old age. Although Medicare covers much of the expenses incurred by regular visits to hospitals and doctors, still there are certain gaps that it leaves. That’s exactly what makes it important for you to get Medicare Advantage Plans. Medigap plans are designed to cover all that Medicare plans don’t usually cover. This includes coinsurance, co-pay, as well as, the extra charges gaps that Medicare doesn’t cover. Even after being aware of the additional benefits that Medigap plans offer, some people don’t pursue a Medicare Advantage. They usually do so to avoid unnecessary expenses. If you are one of them, this article will help you understand the need for such plans. Some helpful pointers are discussed below:

Reasons Why It Is Ideal For The Seniors To Get Medical Advantage Plan:

  1. Medigap plan covers its clients where Medicare leaves off. Medigap comes with 12 types of different plans. Every plan covers you for a different benefit that suits your needs. Medigap is ideal for individuals who get a fixed monthly income. Medicare advantage plan would cover the out of pocket cost incurred on a frequent visit to hospital or doctor.
  2. Medigap plans are offered are at very reasonable prices packages. Every plan covers you for a different benefit. You can choose any of these plans depending upon your financial situation and your respective needs. All the Medigap plans are controlled by the government. This means that you get the same set of services and coverage no matter what company you decide to go with. The only difference is in the price at which these plans are offered. No matter what your budget range is, you will find a plan that suits your needs and offer you the right benefits. Free quote is another plus that Medigap offers. Go ahead to take advantage of it.
  3. With a Medigap plan, you don’t need to do all the guesswork. Medicare advantage comes with a number of great coverage options. All you need to do is to decide which of these plans go with your budget and health situation. Once you have figured that out, you can select any one of these 12 options. If you don’t find your plan satisfactory in the longer run, you can apply to switch it with another plan. If you choose a good agency, the customer support department will call you every year to make sure that you are satisfied with the plan and you are getting the best rate possible.

Getting Medicare Advantage plan is very easy. Once you have taken a look at some of these key factors, you will realize that how important it is to pursue Medigap. In some cases, these Medigap plans offer some extra coverage that includes preventative care and traveling emergency coverage. The travelling coverage is ideal for those who want to enjoy a full and happy life without getting into the typical health insurance hassle.

Are Medicare Supplement Plans Different For Each State?

If you’re considering adding a Medicare supplement plan to your original Medicare coverage, you may be wondering how it is done and whether the benefits will differ by state. The simple answer is usually no. Most states offer up to 10 Medicare Supplement plans that provide standardized benefits which are exactly the same for each type of plan (labeled A through N),  irrespective of where you live.


So, if Plan F is available in your zip code, each Plan F will have the same coverage, regardless of which insurance company offers it (although the premium cost may vary). Keep in mind that insurance companies do not have to sell every type of plan, so the available plans in your county or zip code may depend on your location.


What are Medicare supplement plans?


Medicare supplement plans are offered by private insurance companies and can help you pay for certain costs that are not covered by Original Medicare. These one-off costs may include Medicare deductibles, co-insurance, and hospital or qualified care costs after you have used up your Medicare insurance. Medicare supplement plans are only available to people who already have Medicare Part A, which contributes to the payment of hospital services, and Part B, which contributes to the payment of medical services. Medicare Supplement coverage works only in conjunction with Original Medicare. It cannot be used in covering the premium of the Medicare Advantage Plan.


What Medicare supplement plans are available in your state?


Your medical costs and needs will determine your choice of the right Medicare supplement plan. Most beneficiaries with high deductibles may find it useful to fill in the gaps in the original Medicare coverage with a Medicare supplement plan.


As noted earlier, in 47 states, the 10 Medicare supplement plan options are tagged by the letters: A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N. A Plan F also provides a high deductible option.


Remember that not every plan is available at every locality. Therefore, it is important to determine the plan options for your country and zip code. Once you have narrowed down the desired plan type, you can easily compare the insurance companies and the premium costs to find the plan that best suits your budget and situation, as the coverage is the same.


Although coverage for each plan letter type is the same, there are some key differences in Medicare supplement plans offered by insurance companies:


What plans does the insurance company offer?


Each company selling Medicare supplement plans must offer Plan A together with either Plan F or Plan C. No insurance company has to offer all 10 standardized Medicare supplement plans. In addition to the standardized services, some insurance companies offer additional services.


What premium does the insurance firm charge for her Medicare Supplement plans?


How insurance firms set their premium.


Some companies set up the premium cost according to their age when enrolling in the plan (referred to as “issue-age plans”) or your current age (“attain-age-rated plans”). Other companies charge the same premium to all plan members regardless of age.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018

No matter whether you have already enrolled in any of the 2020 Medical Supplement plans or are eligible to be enrolled this year, you need to choose the best plan out there. This is because your choice of the plan determines how much you will have to pay the out-of-pocket costs after the insurance company is done paying its part. You have to weigh the cons and pros of every plan and have to fit them on your situation to determine which one is the best for you. Here is the top Medicare Supplement Plans out there and you can choose your pick from here:

Medicare Supplement Plan N

With a significantly low premium and a lot of benefits, Plan N is the one of the best one out there in 2018. The amount that you will have to pay for an office visit and for the emergency room visit is significantly low as well. The copayments for an office visit are $20 and for that in case of an emergency is $50. However, if you are required to be admitted to a hospital after a general checkup in an emergency, then there will not be any out-of-pocket costs for you. With plan N, there are a lot of added benefits as well. For example, if you need skilled nursing care, then for the first 20 days, you will not have to pay anything at all. Another benefit is that the insurance will cover any emergency care that you may require when you are travelling outside the country.

Medicare Supplement Plan G

After plan N comes to the very famous plan G. This plan has a lot in common with the plan N. It offers almost the same advantages and benefits with a few added perks of its own. Unlike Plan N, you will not be required to copay the visit to the doctor’s office or the emergency room. Its skilled nursing care service is also exactly the same as the plan N as well. One thing that you must know is that this plan does not cover Medicare Part B deductible which you need to think about before making a final decision.

Unlike other plans, it at least covers some of the Medicare Part B excess charges. This means that if you go to a doctor who charges you above the pay scale of Medicare approval on that service, then the plan will pay for excess charges as well. This is only applicable if the excess charges are up to 15% of the amount that Medicare has approved.

Medicare Supplement Plan F

This plan is also popular because just like Plan G, it covers the excess charges as well on Medicare Part B deductible. Other than that, it also offers the same benefits as the plans G and N.

There are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration while choosing a healthcare plan. Talk to a professional before making a final decision and you will be good to go.

Are Medicare supplement plans different for each state? Pt 2

As a result of these factors, even if the benefits are the same for each type of plan, it is advisable to research if you are considering a Medicare supplement plan. The premium of Medicare supplement plan may differ depending on the locality, the type of plan you have purchased and the insurer. Always ask the insurer how they set their premiums, as this can affect how much you pay for your coverage, when you sign up, and how high your premium costs can be in the future.


Medicare supplement plans vary in some states: Minnesota, Massachusetts, or Wisconsin. If you live in Massachusetts, you can select between 2 options for the Medicare supplement plan: Core and Supplement 1.


If you live in Minnesota, you can choose between two options for the Medicare Supplementary Plan: Basic Plan and Basic Plan Extended. There are some insurance companies which sell optional drivers, which provide additional coverage for the main plan.


In Minnesota, there are also own versions of plans K, L, M, N and F with high deductible. If you live in Wisconsin, you can choose from several options for the Medicare supplement plan. One option is the basic plan that covers some basic benefits which include certain state benefits and additional coverage for inpatient mental health services. Also, Wisconsin offers 25% and 50% cost-sharing plans”. These are status versions of plans K and L, which are offered in other states.


Compare the benefits of the Medicare Supplement Plan

As mentioned, the same standardized services are offered in most states.


The Medicare Supplementary Plan F provides a version for high deductible whereby you pay for all the cost covered by Medicare until you attain a given deductible amount stipulated for the year. This amount can change from year to year.


Once you have reached the maximum (including Part B’s deductible), Medicare Supplementary Plans K and L will pay 100% of the benefits for the rest of the calendar year.


Plan N pays 100% of Part B co-insurance costs, except for about $ 20 for some office visits and about $ 50 for visits to emergency rooms that will not result in hospitalization.


Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what types of plans may be available in your state and ​​how Medicare Supplement coverage works. If you would like to know more about Medicare Supplementary Insurance at your location, I would be happy to have plan options that meet your needs.


Medicare Supplement insurance plans are unrelated to the US government or the Federal Medicare program. Find a plan at


There are many insurance companies that provide Medicare Advantage plans in various states; each of the plans are different. To have the authority to offer a Part D or Medicare Advantage or plan in any state, a carrier must apply for and obtain approval from the Medicare program.

The number of insurance firms that can provide plans in a given locality and the number of which is actually available to seniors, must be different.


The bottom line is it’s important and necessary to do research to make sure you have the right Medicare plan for your financial and medical needs.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Nursing Home for A Loved One

If your loved one has suffered a trauma or is old and needs assistance to get better, the nursing home is the right place for them. With the help of vigilant care round the clock and assistance with day to day tasks, people get better in just a few weeks’ time. It is only natural that whenever a loved one of yours needs assistance, you want to pick the place that is the best for them. If you are worried about the costs, there are a few facilities that are allowed by the 2020 Medicare Supplement Plans. You can check out those facilities before making a final decision. Here are a few factors that determine which facility you should go with:

  1. First of all, you should determine which type of assistance your loved one will require the most. For example, some people require constant supervision while other only need assistance with their day to day tasks. Or, you can also choose to go with a place that is near to where you live so you can visit them often.
  2. Once you have shortlisted a few placed, visit the places and try to choose the one that is approved by the insurance so you can make the service affordable. When you visit the places, talk to the residents and pay special attention to the interaction between the staff members and the patients residing there. It will tell you about their attitude towards their patients and also about how much they care about the residents. You don’t always have made an informed visit. Instead, you can just go and take a look by yourself. Also, check their meals and see if they are up to the mark.
  3. If you are choosing a home that is affiliated with the Government through a Medicare supplement Plan then it also means that it is certified and inspected. If you are still not satisfied, then you can ask the staff to show you the certification and inspection reports so you can be sure that the nursing home is a reliable one and it can be trusted.
  4. Check the history of the place to see if they have violated the healthcare codes in any way. If they have done so, it’s better to choose another place. The violations in the history of a place show you red flags and a warning that the place cannot be trusted.
  5. Most of the patients are reluctant to get admitted to a nursing care facility. They believe that it will take away their freedom and they will not be able to live the way they want to. Therefore, choosing a facility with an open and friendly environment where people can feel loved and comfortable with feeling suffocated.

It is understandable that choosing a nursing care facility is never an easy decision to make. However, if you pay attention and choose wisely, your loved one may recover sooner than you expect.

3 Top Tips To Choose a Medical Insurance

Choosing a Medicare plan is usually considered a very difficult task. With so many things to consider and so many pros and cons to look at, people usually get confused about which plan to choose. They even find it hard to make a decision between choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan and a Medicare Advantage Plan or a Medigap. There are a number of gaps and loopholes in every medical insurance. You have to pick out the one that seems the most reliable to you. Here is everything you need to know before you choose a health insurance for yourself or a loved one:

  1. Select the Correct Type

First of all, you should understand that every plan allows you to see a different type of professionals and healthcare facilities. You should take this into account and then start looking for an insurance plan. This means that the plan provider you choose will plan out everything related to your healthcare. For example, see if you need a reference if you want to visit a doctor or if the insurance plan will cover the cost for you or not.

  1. Determine Overall Cost of the Plan

If there is a plan that is offering you a lot of benefits, mind it that the plan would be expensive too. The more expensive the plan is, the more perks it will offer. You will have to choose a plan that allows you to choose the health professionals you want and a reasonable price as well. You will have to research every plan and understand what it offers and then apply it to your own situation. If you want to keep the costs down and still have service options, don’t go for a high-end plan. Instead, choose an insurance that is reasonable in every way.

  1. Consider Added Benefits

No matter which one of the plans you choose, it will come with a few added benefits along the rest of the default advantages that almost every plan offers. Look into those added perks to see which ones you may feel the need to use. For example, some plans offer medical insurance while you are travelling foreign but others do not. Keep in mind that cosmetic and dental treatments are usually not covered by any plan. However, some of the plans may offer services and payments on vision and hearing treatments and services.

  1. Know the Coverage on Prescription Drugs

You must know that prescription drugs are quite expensive and they usually take up most of the expenses of your medical care. Therefore, it is always wise to choose an insurance plan that offers to split the costs with you. Another thing is that there should be a deductible that you can satisfy so you will not have to pay for any sort of prescription drugs.

If you want to ease out your worries regarding medical care, you should choose a plan according to your situation. Always go with an affordable plan with the right coverage options.

Get to know about insurance policies, testimonials and complaints

Experts have experience of going through testimonials and reviews of those having different types of Medicare Supplement plans. Some are found to be lucid and others irrational, triumphs and tragedies, while few are in cheers and others prefer to blame. Why this kind of response from the policy holders?

Reasons to understand and explore

  • Not understood the pokily: One major problem faced that people buy policies, just because it is recommended by someone or their favorite agent and do not go through it properly. They tend to make assumptions and prefer ignorance to wisdom. The assumed claim might turn out to be a not claimable one by the insurance company, thus witnessing increasing complaints.
  • Uniformed or inexperienced agents: In order to get the best available Medicare Supplement plans, it is of utmost importance to hire the top agents, who are aware of the different types of plans and its features. They should be able to explain concisely and clearly the policy and differentiate it, so as to help with the selection process. But this is something not possible for brand new agents. Even some scrupulous agents recommend plans that offer them more commission. Risk can be minimized or avoided by selecting the best agents.
  • Inexperienced customer care services: New employees might lack the experience required to serve customers properly. It is only with experience and good knowledge that they can provide the right Medicare Supplement plans to the prospective clients who call up.
  • Insurance is team effort: It is quite natural for things to go wrong or not as assumed with the policy taken if it is not gone through carefully or advised wrongly by the agent. Instead of panicking or playing the blame game, it will be useful to stay informed and to take the next wise step, but not in a rush.
  • Know the policy thoroughly: When buying any policy, it will make sense to check out what is covered, not covered, when to submit the claims and how to make correct submissions, so as to enjoy ‘0’ out of pocket expenses. This aspect should be undertaken along with adequate research on the different Medicare Supplement plans, much before signing of any document. Also, the monthly premium amount needs to be within the budget set.

Taking the right and correct decision is of utmost importance to ensure getting the best available Medicare Supplement plans having the necessary coverage, perfect enough to meet all medical needs.


Pulverised nutrition. As in ground -up goodness you can easily add to any meal. Trust, these latest vitamin and mineral rich powders are worthy of adulation- they’re less processed than pills and are no sweat for your tum to absorb. But before you sprinkle with abandon, consult your doctor for relevant advice.

Below are the trendiest superfood supplements that aren’t hard to swallow, they are powders. And they go way beyond whey.

Click here to learn more about enrolling in a Cigna Medicare supplement.

  1. MACA– The calcium rich malt flavoured Peruvian root is good for bones. One study found that around half a teaspoon a day for 12 weeks helped women on antidepressants get their sensual mojo back. But beware, as too much of it may raise blood pressure or mess with your liver.

TRY IT: stir into nut milk or peanut butter

  1. ACAI – One teaspoon of this sweet tart dust has the same inflammation – fighting prowess as many more common berries, Plus, the Amazonian powder delivers amino acids for repairing muscles post- workout, as well as fatty acids that give your mood and brain a lift.

TRY IT: mix it with yoghurt or salad dressing

  1. COCOA – You’ve heard about cocoa’s heart-healthy falvonols, but it’s also a super source of fibre – one tablespoon has more fibre than half a cup of brown rice- and magnesium, a mood-elevating mineral.

TRY IT: have it with chia pudding

  1. BAOBAB – The ground pulp of this African tree fruit has one of the highest antioxidant contents of any food. Plus, it’s an amazing source of soluble fibre – one tablespoon has more than an entire pear, and a solid defense against constipation.

TRY IT: freeze in juice pops, or stir into tea.

  1. SPIRULINA – This powdered freshwater algae is seriously swimming with perks -it has 10 times more iron than spinach, four grams of protein per tablespoon, and through the roof levels of immune system strengthen vitamin A. While the slight fishy flavor can turn some people off, don’t fret, as it typically disappears when mixed with food.

TRY IT: sprinkle it on pesto, popcorn or soups.

  1. BEE POLLEN – Yes, it’s made with insect spit, but bee pollen us worth its buzz. It tastes lightly floral and boasts ample protein, energizing B vitamins, and leucine, a metabolism sparker that shows promise as a fat burner. The only thing not to love? If you’re allergic to pollen, you must steer clear.

TRY IT: dust it on oatmeal or cereal.

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